SENER Aeroespacial has been a leading supplier of high performance aerospace systems for Space, Defence and Science for more than 50 years, with high-added value technological developments.

  • In Space, it supplies electromechanical components and systems, navigation systems (GNC/AOCS), communications, astronomy, and optics systems for Space, and it is currently participating in the main programs of ESA and NASA (including Euclid, Meteosat Third Generation, Solar Orbiter, JUICE, Proba-3, Hubble, Galileo, Rosetta, Gaia, Herschel and Planck, IXV, BepiColombo and Mars 2020) and the European Southern Observatory;

  • in the Space commercial market, is a leading supplier of telemetry and telecommand antennas and a regular supplier of all types of antennas, passive equipment, and radio frequency assets for the leading international manufacturers of communications satellites, even in programs for the so-called New Space.

  • In Defence, SENER Aeroespacial develops electromechanical systems, COMINT (communications intelligence), and communications links (D-Link), as well as helicopter modernization services.

  • In Astronomy and Science, it produces precision mechanical equipment for terrestrial telescopes and engineering services.

  • And, finally, its ATC & Broadcast division is a supplier of antennas and passive units.


SENER is the project coordinator and is responsible for the overall management, and coordination of the different activities, and quality assurance aspects that need to be centralized and synchronized. Within the project, SENER will guarantee that the proposed ORU-BOAS concept can be integrated by specific payloads, the deorbiting one, which will be used as input for the ORU-BOAS platform definition and the definition of the interface between the ORU-BOAS and the payload. To do so, SENER will provide the study adaptation of the CETUS deorbiting payload and a prototype to check the compatibility with the ORU interface.