System Requirement Review (SRR) Paves the Way for ORU-BOAS Preliminary Design

On April 20th, a significant milestone was achieved as we conducted the System Requirement Review (SRR) for our ORU-BOAS project. This important event saw the active participation of all consortium partners, who joined via Teams to discuss and assess the project's high-level requirements. The primary aim of the SRR was to ensure that we could proceed with the preliminary design phase of ORU-BOAS.

The SRR provided a platform to comment on the project's objectives, taking into account the extensive work carried out during the first four months of the project. We highlighted the key accomplishments, including a market and economic study that offers insights into the potential future applications of ORU-BOAS.

Additionally, the event featured the presentation of a preliminary development plan and the Technology Readiness Status Level (TRL) of the various technologies encompassed within the project. These factors collectively provide a solid foundation for the forthcoming design phase.

We are excitedly anticipating our next big milestone of our project: the Preliminary Design Review (PDR). The PDR, scheduled for September 2023, will be a critical juncture where we assess the proposed design and validate its alignment with the project's goals.